Ezekiel and Patsy

Cumberland County, Kentucky. However, I disagree with that claim and in spite of the motive behind all that was written on the issue. It can be said with a great degree of certainty that Betty was not Ezekiel’s mother. The name of the young woman who brought him into this world was Catherine Pool. Nevertheless, if she is to be given credit for anything, giving birth to him is about it. At a critical juncture in his adolescence, she made a parenting decision which affected his life thereafter. By that, it probably would be helpful to know what is known about her.

Catherine Pool’s life was far from being an open door. In fact, it seemed as though society and some of those closest to her attempted to close every door and window into her life completely shut. If that was indeed the case, then they achieved a high level of success. The information that was recorded about her in the records books were vague, elusive, and somewhat omitted. This type of record keeping, and much of the activity surrounding her life suggested that her race was an issue and that she was no doubt the source of Ezekiel’s African blood. The only thing that appears to be clear about her early existence is that her mother was a white woman named Mary Barkley, who lived in Rowan County, North Carolina. But confusion enters ┬áinto the picture in 1804, which was the year Mary Barkley became a widow. Her husband, Samuel Barkley via his Last Will & Testament made reference to her and their two sons. But made no mention of a daughter or child yet to be born. Therefore, the belief is that Catherine was conceived at some unknown date after his death and she was not his child. Furthermore, from all the records searched, her mother, Mary Barkley was the only link between her and the name Barkley at all.


Samuel Barkley Jr. March 20, 1804 Will Book C, page 329

Samuel Barkley Jr.
March 20, 1804
Will Book C, page 329

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